How to fix internet connection on Android Device

Change APN Settings: Android operating system customers have multiple options, some of which are useful for all users and some are useful for advanced customers. Today we will talk about the Access Point Name (APN) settings of this smartphone which turns off the internet connection on the device once it is set. And some customers have a problem that the internet does not work on the phone and because of this they have a problem and do not understand what needs to be done. In fact, how is the APN required for the smartphone internet connection and how to use it to connect the internet to the phone.

After connecting the Android device to the network, customers can run on the Internet, send SMS or MMS and connect calls. Generally, APN settings can be given on all Android devices through mobile phone operators, but if you do not know the APN settings on your smartphone, remove the SIM card and re-insert it. And if your device doesn't support the telecom operator's database, you can manually set your APN settings.

Set APN like this on Android phone: 

  • First go to phone settings
  • Choose wireless and network options in the phone's settings
  • In the case of wireless and network go to the mobile network option
  • And go down here and click on the access point name or APN option
  • And now tap on the three dot menu icon in the right corner of the screen
  • And now tap on ‘New APN’ option
SIM card is provided in normal APN settings, but if you do not have one, connect with your own telecom operator. The operator will help to fill all the fields of the SIM card. And when this process is over, go to the save option and get to the APN settings manually in this way.

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