How to increase the battery life of your mobile phone

  • Remove the phone cover while charging the mobile phone
  • Charge the smartphone with the original charger of the mobile phone
  • The battery of the phone should be charged at least 20 percent

Is your smartphone running low? Do you have to charge the phone again and again? However, we have come up with a solution to your problem today. The smartphone is one of the most used devices in the Corona era. People have used this device for everything from working from home to entertainment. This is the reason why the battery of the smartphone is under the most pressure and because of this the battery life of the phone is getting shorter.

  1. Remove the phone cover before charging. Many times the pin of the charger is not connected properly due to the cover of the phone. Also, the phone gets hot from charging, so it is better to remove the cover from the phone. It is better not to cover.
  2. Always charge with the charger provided with your phone. If you use another charger, it will have a bad effect on your phone's battery. At the same time, the battery of the phone is more likely to be bad.
  3. The battery of the phone should be charged at least 20 percent. Repeatedly charging the phone's battery increases the chances of the phone's battery life being reduced. Always use the same type of power bank that is right for your battery.

It is best not to use a third party app to save battery or fast charge the phone. These apps run in the background of the phone, which puts more strain on the battery.

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