Use of Keyboard Function Key


F1: The help screen of almost all programs is opened by pressing this key. That is, suppose you don't know about a program. The corresponding program when pressing F1 A screen with detailed information and Q&A will open on your desktop.

F2: When renaming a file or folder, many people use the mouse. The shortcut is F2. You don't need a mouse.

F3: The search feature of an application (at the moment you are using it) opens by pressing this key.

F4: F4 is a great shortcut for closing windows. Pressing Alt + F4 will close the active window.

F5: If you want to refresh or reload a page, press F5 without wasting time moving the mouse.

F6: When this key is pressed, the cursor goes straight to the address bar in the internet browser.

F7: F7 will catch any spelling and grammatical errors after writing something in Microsoft Word or any application.

F8: You can use the boot menu of Windows with this key.

F9: If you want to refresh a document in Microsoft Word Sending and receiving e-mails to Microsoft Outlook is done with the help of this shortcut key.

F10: Most people right-click on the mouse to bring up the menu bar in an application. No need if you use shift + F10. Right click works.

F11: F11 Key works to enter and exit fullscreen mode in internet browsers.

F12: If you want to save a document in Microsoft Word, use the shortcut on this key without the help of a mouse.