Lighting tube lights with waste energy saving circuit


Energy saving bulbs usually

The circuit is just the bulb's gas

Either ends or the filament is cut. So that's you

You can use the circuit.

First open the bulb and see that two of the four wires come out and are connected to the two sides of the bulb. Disconnect the energy circuit from the energy bulb. You will see that there are two wires and four wires with the circuit.

Connect these four wires to the two ends of the tube light in the same way as they were attached to the energy bulb. Applying the tape became the diameter of the day. Now look at the supply day in place of the supply. The bulb will continue to burn.

The funny thing is:

* Although the tube light is 20 watts

Power consumption will be 10 watts.

* 100-200 rupees in the market

All that electronics ballast

Durability than what is available

Too much.

However, in some cases the light is a little less

Maybe. As many watts

Energy bulbs are watt tube

It is better to plant.

Priced at 40-60 rupees in the market

Energy bulbs are available

The results with the circuit are good at all

Not available.