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Gula is a very useful device in our current situation on desktops, laptops, tabs and mobiles. When a device benefits and is used regularly, it naturally wants to take care of them, but problems arise when the level and nature of care is not right. One thing that is going to be noticed in the last 5-6 months is that many people are playing 12 o'clock while cleaning the display of monitors and laptops. Since it is very difficult to do without them in Corona situation, their use and care has increased. So today we will talk about display maintenance.

  • Wind and water: Many of us keep monitors by the window and work during the rainy season when the wind and rain suddenly fall, causing many monitors to fall into the air and break. Again it gets wet and spoiled in rain water. So it is better to keep the PC in a safe place and be a little careful during storms.
  • Lightning: As a result, the TV and monitor are easily damaged. It is not possible to know when or where lightning will occur, so it is better to keep electricity, DIS and net lines open during cloud showers.
  • Dusty dirt: Dust is very bad for electronics. Excessive heat due to dust and work capacity also decreases, so regular cleaning of equipment in the right way is a must.

Many people damage the display when they go to clean it, the main reason is not knowing how to clean it. Due to the current corona, many people have alcohol, hand sanitizer, hexisol in their hands, so those who never clean the display, they also go to clean the display, so whatever happens, the display is blurred or damaged. This is because all these liquids are bad for plastics and because they are very thin, they go deep and cause damage.

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