Is the power consumption less when the fan is turned slowly? Is it more? Is it the same?

Many people think a little differently,

This is how many times I have written in government exams including BCS that electricity is the same cost, everyone will say this.

And when I came across this question in my brother-in-law's job in my life, I said in reply that it costs the same and again it costs less.

Although I was neither an electrical student nor a mechatronics student.

Is this actually true?

Now here are some tips on buying a regulator with the correct answer including the reason.

If, however, you use an electrical regulator (large size heavy) the power consumption will be the same if the fan rotates slowly or loudly. But why? Inside is a coil of resistive wire with five taps.

Reducing speed is reduced. Fan motors consume less power but less power
So much is lost as heat for the regulator's resistance.
So the total cost is the same. These are cheaper. It is better not to use.
Once it's bad, it's more of a hassle to repair. At least I think so.
Now let's come to the modern electronic regulator
In a word, this device is a semiconductor device in the category of life thyristor.

(Electronic regulator) This is called triac. Mainly there are several components inside it Inductor, Capacitor, Triac, Variable Resistance. This variable resistance is actually the outer knob that is rotated.
Waveform of our supply voltage
Sinusoidal and it is continuous. Depending on the firing angle, the power electronic component called triac is the waveform.
Cut out some parts.
You control this firing angle by turning the knob of resistance from outside. As a result, the fan motor has less supply of average power. As a result, the fan starts to move slowly. That amount of power is low
Yes, the capacitor returns it to the main supply. As a result, no power is lost. Yours
Electric bills come and go.
These electronic regulators are again available in two types in the market.
There is no gap in one, smooth speed can be controlled. The market price is around one hundred rupees
Like It causes some disturbance in the motor. Mine
Looks like it shortens the life time of the fan.
And there are five ghats. The price is a little higher. These are a little better
I think so.
When using an electronic regulator, the torque is not uniform, some mechanical stress falls on the motor. Noise in the fan is a problem when it is a little old.
From there the resistance regulator e
Many have seen electronic regulators
If it is bad, it does not heal. It is possible to fix it. Most of the time I have noticed that the Mylar capacitor is bad due to voltage surge or any other reason
To become. If you change it, the work is done. I hope you are aware of buying a fan this time.
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