How to fix computer auto restart | Easy Step

He pressed the power switch, the computer just opened, he got the sound of the cooling fan, he saw that everything was fine, but after a while the computer restarted. Could not understand the reason for auto restart of the computer, did not see any notification on the screen, what happened then?

It was seen again, the computer shut down. But Emma! The computer did not turn off and restarted, what a surprise! Turned the computer on or off and restarted it, it was either accepted. But you are doing a very important job, let's say the senior boss of the office wants a file, urgent need, you are just attesting the file without writing anything in the mail body to send it quickly. And just at that moment the computer restarted without saying anything. How does it feel! What a reason !! Why is this happening !!!

Find out the reasons for computer auto restart

This bitlamita is the most, in Windows 8. Not that it doesn't happen in other versions, but Windows 7 does. Because, Windows 8 has a default setting for auto restart. If the computer system fails for any reason, this default feature forces the computer to restart. Every time the system fails, it will restart.

After Windows 8, the problem of auto restarting the computer is more common in Windows XP. After the release of Windows XP, when Microsoft saw that Windows was hanging because of a software malfunction, a bad sector on the hard drive, or a problem with the motherboard or processor, Windows added an auto reboot feature like Windows 8. XP gave an update.

After reading this, you may be rescuing Microsoft's Gusti in your mind! What was the need for this feature of the mother of the umbrella! Now take a deep breath, then think coldly, the computer hangs due to a problem with your hard drive or motherboard or any running software, you can not do anything. Can't close any program, can't restart itself!

Think again, whether it's hardware or software, your computer no longer obeys your commands. Bitlami is starting completely, what to do now! Either you have to shoot yourself troublesomely, or you have to take yourself to a computer repair center. What a mess! If you could hit a reboot! Everything would be fine as before. Yes, this reboot or restarting option of Microsoft is to give you this facility.

Let's disable this option first. This is the most acceptable and most useful solution I have found in the forum discussion on the official web page of Microsoft.

First from Computer > Properties

Click on Advanced system settings.

Then from there click on Settings from the Startup and Recovery system context menu.

Then uncheck the Automatically restart checkbox from the System Failure system context menu.

Auto restart of the computer stopped. Similarly, you can turn on the computer's auto-restart by checking the "Automatically restart" checkbox, if you ever need to.